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STARTERS CHIPS & GUACAMOLE Pico de gallo, queso fresco and chips $10
MEMELITAS (2) thick tortillas, aciento, quesillo chorizo and cecina  
MOLOTES Hand-made masa disks with chorizo, potato, black bean paste, avocado sauce and que-so fresco  
ENSALADA OAXAQUENA Greens, pico, papaya, avocado, almonds, grilled chicken cheese & beetroot  
HUEVOS CON CHORIZO Beans & Avocado  
CHILAQUILES W/ eggs & choice of Oax. Meat salsa verde, mole or salsa roja  
BARBACOA DE POLLO Chicken, dry chiles, and avocado leaves served with white rice and tortillas  
OAXACAN OMELETTE Egg, cheese, epazote, chile de agua, mushroom, salsa verde, squash blossom, salad and bread slices  
DOS TACOS Beef Barbacoa | Asada | Carnitas Chicken | Al Pastor | – Comes w/ Salad  
BURRITO EL NOPAL Chicken or Asada, Rice, beans, onions, cilantro & salsa  
CECINA Grilled Marinated pork, grilled cactus, grilled onions, chile de agua, avocado and black bean paste  
CEVICHE PIQUIN Lime-cooked octopus, shrimp, pico de gallo, chile piquin, avocado and lime juice  
ENFRIJOLADAS Black bean sauce, corn tortillas, cheese, onions, parsley, eggs and choice of tazajo, cecina or chorizo  
MIMOSA   $10
HOT TEA   $6
AGUA FRESCA   $3 | 310.974.8005
Not valid with other promos, substitutions politely declined, a 20% gratuity charge on parties of 6 or more.


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