Mole: The Most Iconic Dish of Oaxaca

You may have heard it, seen it or touched it. Maybe right now is the time you need to understand the secret behind Mexican mole-the most iconic dish of Oaxaca. 

Mole in layman’s language is referred to as a sauce. But mole is more than a mere sauce (that is why perhaps many people refer it as a dish). Most often, people misunderstand mole dishes outside Mexico. This is a supernatural, pre-hispanic cuisine that Mexicans are proud of. 

Mole is a deep subject. Studying a mole is like studying the whole universe because its quest continues to go on and on. When it comes to molecular gastronomy, the science behind cooking, Oaxaca is the cradle home of mole. 

Oaxaca, a city that is located near Sierra Madre del Sur mountain is more a heart thing than theoretical. No recipe in your kitchen, enjoy the happy hours with the mole-a legendary dish. This indigenous dish is simply a mix of cheese, tamales, salsas, handmade tortillas and cooked with professional chefs to bring about a mysterious chocolate sauce. If you do come to Oaxaca, the taste of a mole will seem smitten. But when you try to replicate it, you will realize that mole is more than just a dish- a goth. 

Mole is the best version of ancient dishes that very man, woman or couple can accomplish. But traditional preparations can make it seem like an inviolable tradition in other countries. Mole is all about alchemy. It takes certain ingredients to produce a generic taste. And for many expert chefs, old recipes are believed to make a mole stronger. Yes, the possibilities are endless. That is a mole’s beauty anyway. 

There are seven types of moles. The most common mole is negro (the king of course). Others include coloradito, Amarillo, Rojo, Verde, Chichilo and mole Estofado. However, mole Negro is served with pork or chicken thigh along with corn tortillas and rice. The other moles can be presented with stew. Mole Amarilla is served with folded corn tortilla and is the most popular
dish many people turn their heads to. 

Mole negro
This is the most famous of the moles and a perfect dish for many. The dish contains more than 30 ingredients with six different types of chocolate and chili. This means you should not be on a diet when preparing to eat mole negro. This sauce is quite tasteful and delicious. 

Mole Rojo
Mole Rojo is the spiciest of them all. It is delightful and can offer a sense of taste that cannot be matched. The mole contains ingredients such as cinnamon, chocolates, peanuts, and walnut to make it delicious. 

Mole Amarillo
This mole contains distinctive flavors for additional taste. It is mostly presented with chicken (shredded). The sauce contains ingredients such as coriander, onion, tomato, garlic and many more. If you love chocolate, leave it at the door. This mole doesn’t contain chocolate. 

Mole Verde
Mole Verde appears white on the outside but green inside. The major key ingredients include pepitas, tomatillos, and cilantro. This sauce is commonly served with chicken stock. 

Mole coloradito
Its brew is simply a shade of red. The mole’s key ingredients include onions, garlic and mashed ripe plantin (a sweetness ingredient). Chefs serve it with beef, chicken or pork. 

Mole Estofado
Mole Estofado is well served with chicken stock. Its key ingredients include olive, tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds and many more. When all these ingredients are combined, they give a dish a distinctive taste. 

Mole Chichilo
Chichilo is intense and has an elaborate preparation. Put together all your beef or avocado because you are going to need them. Mole Chichilo is a super dark sauce rich in chicken stock. Mole Chichilo which is thickened with lime cured corn flour is an excellent dish for many. 

A brief history of Mole
Mole has a rich and fascinating history. The origin of the mole is quite complex and disputed.

Others claim that mole originated in the pre-hispanic courts, others say it was brought by nuns. But now, the mole is a staple Mexican dish of all the time.  Mole is common at any Oaxacan party, celebrations and during special events. It is also something that many Oaxacan restaurants have opted in-for many reasons. Mole is a labor-intensive delicacy. But if you are an expert, mole becomes a routine and you all-day favorite.

While there are other cookies in Mexico, this thick sauce has stood out to be the most undisputed dish of the country. The name mole is derived from the word molli, a nahuatl word for sauce. Over the past couple of years, mole gastronomy has become more elaborate. They are now served with stews, chicken, beef and many more. Leftover mole is used to prepare tamales and toppings such as enchiladas. 

Eating mole in Oaxacan is a safe bet as they import quality mole paste-ingredients used in the preparation of mole. Many people find the mole in other places more acidic, but moles in Oaxacan are prepared from scratch and out of tomatillos.  Mole preparation is more complicated yet far simpler because of the ingredients involved. Making a mole requires several hours of mixing it in a traditional ceramic cooking dish. Dishes such as negro can keep up you hours trying to complete the recipe. 

There exist professional chefs that surround the invention of a mole. A legend from Puebla once prepared a dish with a few ingredients for his impromptu archbishop. He served him with roasted turkey the result was just candy. Since then, several ingredients got stirred up, hence the birth of a mole. Several histories are revealing the invention of a mole. But here is one thing; its origin remains a mystery. The mole was well known after 1810. 

Venues where to get yourself acquainted with Oaxaca moles
Rocio’ Mexican Kitchen In Rocio, order your mole negro, sit and eat it like nobody. Rocio is located a few miles from Oaxaca. Discover mole negro that is prepared from scratch and leaves out of tomatillos. 

Las 7 Regiones de Oaxaca
It doesn’t get much better unless you tour north of Oaxaca and try some mole Verde, Estofado and Amarillo. Las 7 are specialists and do a good job of preparing stew-like moles. Very delightful!

Gis bac
Explore Gis bac and enjoy delightful moles of coloradito scented with notes of nuts. Eat delicious dishes toasted with your favorite chile ancho and guajillo.  Conclusion Mole is a rich tasty dish-a food of beauty. And the best way to understand mole is to go and have lunch. You might not be happy with every curry that is offered in LA, but you can be sure to be happy with moles. They never disappoint, specially at

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