DINNER FOR FIVE + Madre Exclusive Mezcal flight

DINNER FOR FIVE + Madre Exclusive Mezcal flight


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Pre-orders only
Dinner will be available:

December 23, 2020 from 4pm-9pm pick up and delivery 3 miles max
December 24, 2020 from 12pm-4pm for pick up only and delivery 3 miles max

Valid at our 3 locations
All orders must be placed 24 hours in advance via phone or website

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1 Mexican Winter Salad and 4 Sopa De Tortilla, 2 Mexican Winter Salad and 3 Sopa De Tortilla, 3 Mexican Winter Salad and 2 Sopa De Tortilla, 4 Mexican Winter Salad and 1 Sopa De Tortilla, 5 Mexican Winter Salad, 5 Sopa De Tortilla


5 Linguine, crema and chile morita sauce

Main Dish

1 Pierna Enchilada and 4 Pollo En Barbacoa, 2 Pierna Enchilada and 3 Pollo En Barbacoa, 3 Pierna Enchilada and 2 Pollo En Barbacoa, 4 Pierna Enchilada and 1 Pollo En Barbacoa, 5 Pierna Enchilada, 5 Pollo En Barbacoa


5 Apple Cake with cinnamon and yogurt de frutas ice cream, 5 Oaxacan chocolate cookie with yogurt de frutas ice cream


5 Ponche Navideño

Madre Exclusive Mezcal flight