Meal Kits To Go

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Taco Kit (served hot) Includes: Chips and guacamole, 2 chicken tacos, 2 asada tacos, 2 carnitas tacos rice and beans taco toppings and 2 agua frescas of choice $25
Chile Relleno Kit (served cold, fridge friendly) Chile relleno, rice, beans and tortillas $9
Beef Barbacoa Kit (served cold, fridge friendly) Beef barbacoa, rice, nopalitos salad, tortillas and toppings $10
FINNEY’S® LIGHT (4.5%) Santa Barbara, CA American light ale, light-bodied, minimal hops, crisp, clean & refreshing 16 oz $200
Mole Bowl Kit (served cold, fridge friendly) Grilled chicken, grilled veggies with corn, rice, beans and mole $12

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